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My salutations to the Deviantart community,
If I write this today, it's because some photographer from online community and from my entourage discredit other photographers work because it's photoshopped. I wanted to add up my opinion on the matter.

This morning, I went to a local park to take some pictures, I was planning on shooting macro and I was browsing for an interesting subject. Suddenly I turn around and I saw this beautiful scene with a nice looking tree in the sunrise. The sky was colorful and contrasted, the soil was a beautiful shade of green and the sun gave some nice highlight on the tree's leaves. So you see the picture...I was a little deceived when I saw the result on the screen of my camera:
tree without correction by rouellephotographie

Ok it's underexposed, let's change the speed...oups the sky is burned, no more cloud, let make a compromise in between....there no shade of red in the sky either and now the sky is to bright and the ground is still underexpose.
It's no way like the amazing scene that was in front of me, is it time to give up? Only for the anti post-production team which I'm not part of. So I got home did a little photoshop magic and here it goes:

Tree with correction by rouellephotographie
A little better isn't it? I took what my camera gave me and bent it the way I originally wanted. So what if it look fake or photoshopped, it's my vision, it's what I saw. Would you let your camera make the art for you, correct the color? The camera is a machine, you are an human perfectly able to make creative decision. I decide what I want in my picture and I dose it to my will, what is wrong with that. Don't misunderstand me, I'm not saying you should do post-production, that choice is up to you. But don't discredit my work because it's not "pure" (Yes I did actually heard this).

Of course I could have used a gradient nd filter to darken the sky but the top of tree would have been darker too. I could have used a warm filter but it would not have been the same. Ansel Adam, one of the most respected landscape photographer dodged and burned his picture in the darkroom to increase contrast...but wait isn't that post-production?

Again, if you can take good picture without the use of post-production program, good for you, but sometime there is some tricky situations where you could use the help of a software. Personnaly I use photoshop, it's part of my creative process, so deal with it.


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Happy New Year!
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